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“Business-Logistics” Software Suite is a toolkit for automation of operation of a haulage company dispatcher service. It is used for accounting of haulage orders and their assignment within the fleet of available vehicles in a way that improves the efficiency of work and cost reduction. 

“Business-Logistics” software suite is based on the unique propriety roster-and-vector technology of ultrafast visualization of bulk graphic data, as well as cutting-edge approaches to creation of electronic databases.

The software suite includes:

  • Integrated map of the country;
  • Search engine using street addresses / roads;
  • Automobile router (considering traffic signs and junctions and providing mileage information) supporting complex routes and resolving travelling salesman problem; the router is capable of taking into account whether freight transport can use particular roads; 
  • Vehicle database (vehicle capacities are accounted);
  • Order database — providing full-picture view of records of orders received and completed.
  • Traffic editor: “Business-Logistics” software suite is equipped with a special editor to correct and add automobile roads.
  • Street and building editor.


  • Full-color electronic map. The level of detail and number of scaling modes depend on the specific map;
  • Searching map using a specific address, order visualization on the map;
  • Optional setting-up localities and assignment of vehicles to them;
  • Import/export of orders from/to the accounting system;
  • Option of maintaining an own database of clients linked to their locations on the map;
  • A system for automatic or manual distribution of orders per vehicles with different priorities: maximum load, minimum fuel consumption, volume, category of goods, delivery time, etc.;
  • Accounting of vehicles;
  • Creation of vehicle reference books;
  • Custom settings for each vehicle (load capacity, volume, nos. of items/pallets, average speed, idle time, fuel consumption, etc.);
  • Recording the mileage incl. return trips;
  • Multiple trips by a vehicle;
  • Option of planning trips visiting collecting goods from several warehouses;
  • Option of considering clients’ operating hours for the purpose of goods delivery;
  • Option of prioritizing when selecting between own and rented vehicles; 
  • Option of creating commodity groups and assignment of vehicles to those groups;
  • Calculation of optimal routes for every vehicle and showing these routes on the map; Using a genetic algorithm to find the shortest route;
  • Printing out route sheets and map fragments indicating the routes of each vehicle, incl. distance and time of travel between destinations;
  • Option of development the customized accounting system and additional functions.



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Taxi Coordinator is a new generation software system for fast and convenient organization of taxi dispatcher services.

The system is based on a unique method of solving transport problems and full automation of workplaces, allowing raising the passenger transportation services to a whole new quality level.


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