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Transnavicom Electronic Maps are guide maps of cities and countries combining detailed electronic maps and comprehensive databases of companies.  

These programs, based on a unique raster-and-vector technology, offer unparalleled speed performance and accuracy of cartographic information. 

Basic features of all the Electronic Maps:

  • Search by streets, districts, street addresses of houses (including old and new names of the objects);
  • Search in databases of companies and organizations of regions. All companies can be presented as a logo or a point on the map placed at the specific address;
  • Calculation of the shortest city routes using all modes of transportation, including transfers. Routes and stops are displayed;
  • Calculation of the shortest car route connecting any number of points. The route is calculated considering road signs, junctions, and traffic directions;
  • Printout of any fragment of the map;
  • Measurement of distances between a sequence points;
  • Language selection: Ukrainian, Russian, or English




Transnavicom Navigation Maps — these programs are based on the Electronic Map and GPS technologies.

Having a GPS receiver, you will be able — without extra payment — to easily determine your location within a terrain, identify the shortest car route, and fully use the advantages of satellite navigation. Without a GPS receiver, the program is a powerful logistical tool.



Transnavicom Satellite Maps — these programs are based on ultra-precise satellite images produced by QuickBird satellite and the popular new generation Eletronic Map technology! 

Using them, you can search for streets, houses, or districts. The satellite imagery allows seeing all houses, smallest turns of streets, cars of the roads, road markers, etc.


  • The maps work without additional payments and do not require Internet access.
  • Fast motion allows easy navigation on the map in any direction. The motion follows that of the mouse pointer.
  • A search for streets and house numbers is available through a special address reference book. Any street or house you know you can find in the database and highlight on the map.
  • Display of information of an object. Whenever a pointer is hovered over a satellite image, a tip pop-ups providing the name of the selected district or street.
  • Measurement of real distance between any number of points accurately to within 1 meter.
  • Language selection: Ukrainian, Russian, or English.
  • Having a GPS receiver, you will be able — without extra payment — to easily determine your location within a terrain, identify the shortest car route, and fully use the advantages of satellite navigation.


:<br> Ƞ(dll)TRUEWAY


Development tools: TrueWay Library (dll)

Transnavicom’s experts have developed a unique toolkit for integration of a digital map with your software

In the many years of fruitful collaboration with companies operating in various fields, we analyzed multiple software products considering the nature of work and business problems of such enterprises. The result of this long and hard work is the versatile and easy to use Microsoft Windows dll TrueWay.

You no longer need to purchase expensive GIS’s, retrain personnel, ponder over mismatch of the features of new software and peculiarities of operation of your company. Now you can simply add an electronic map to your regular and familiar software. But there is more!

Your software engineers will be able to implement the following features in a familiar development environment:  


  • Fast navigation and scaling of the electronic map of a selected region.
  • Convenient search system using exact address or coordinates.
  • Calculation of the shortest car route considering road signs, junctions, and traffic directions.
  • Adding any number of additional layers of information on a precise electronic map.
  • Route optimization. Travelling salesman problem solving.

Many companies dealing in freight forwarding or express delivery aim for saving transportation costs. This is where we can help, too! Special genetic algorithms provide for the revolutionary fast calculation of the optimal route for visiting all delivery destinations. Now you will save both time and money, and earn more by completing more orders.

Organizing route sheets using calculated routes, with street names and distances to go. You can combine the features any way you like, resolve any specialist problems, build any interfaces. All this can be done in your existing or newly created software. Technical support professionals and data updates will be a gainful addition to your new purchase.


CONTROL SYSTEM<br> <small>(GPS  )

(GPS )

Transnavicom Control System is a modern GPS/GSM system permitting control and tracking of any objects!

We are offering a guarantee of your safety and safety of your family and friends, of security of your property.

Besides, you can improve efficiency of your business by tracking the movement of your employees and vehicles.

No intermediaries, no user charges
No tying to a specific mobile operator
No Internet connection required!

You can control the objects you need using your office or home PC, or even your cell phone!

All you need is to install a mobile terminal on the object, and a base terminal with a detailed map (where the objects will be shown as dots, and their tracks as lines) on the computer the information will be sent to. All the information will be safely stored in the archive for further analysis.

Main functions of Transnavicom Control System:

1. Determining location of an object using its exact address.
2. Determining the speed and direction of movement.
3. Determining the travel time and length of stops.
4. Receiving alarm notifications of attacks or other situations.
5. Assistance in determining the shortest route to the destination.
6. Direct voice connection with the object under observation.

Control of vehicle movements, status of offices, houses, etc.:
1. Connection to car, burglar, or fire alarm systems.
2. Function of remote locking of fuel pump, engine, central locking system, ignition, etc.
3. Option of control of sensors installed on the vehicle: sensors on doors, trunk, windows, sensors of unauthorized opening of containers during transportation, etc.
4. Control of deviation of the planned route, non-authorized stops, speeding.
5. Detection of trespassing.
6. The device can be used as a “Black Box” or “Personal Navigation System”.

Main advantages of Transnavicom Control System:
1. Highly reliable and robust equipment.
2. More than 250 countries and 600,000 regularly updated detailed electronic maps of the cities. All the maps are based on the popular roster-and-vector technology “Electronic Business Map”.
3. Using specialist equipment properly operating with weak signal or even in enclosed spaces.
4. Using special technologies to control attempts of jamming GPS/GSM signals.
5. Option of connecting a portable camera, highly-sensitive microphone, etc..


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