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Competitive advantages

In modern life, we daily use maps of different producers in different situations. The maps are various: paid for and free, electronic and printed, located on major Web services and integrated in a local navigation software. In the table below, a brief analysis of main differences between Transnavicom’s maps and those of other producers is provided.


Important map-related factors

Transnavicom maps

Maps of international providers

Maps of local providers



Different, depending on specific regions

Maximum for the provider’s region провайдера


Always up-to-date as of the day of delivery

Selective updating at the day of a scheduled release

Selective updating

Frequency of updating

Monthly, or as required by the customer


Yearly, or more often, at provider’s discretion

Source of data

Local providers, own materials

Initial purchase from a local provider, further development and updating using own resources

Own materials


The same price for any city or country, 30-50% cheaper than what any competitor can offer

High cost, regular payments (royalty)

High cost


Full coverage of 257 countries and over 500,000 cities and towns

Partial coverage of 30-50 countries, partial coverage of cities and towns

Full or partial coverage in one country

Payment methods

One-off payment using any method convenient for the client

Regular loyalty payments to current account

Payment as agreed with the client

Speed of response to a commercial inquiry

Within a business day

3-7 days

7 days or longer

Speed of provision of a sample and full map

Up to 3 business days

Sample – 10+ days

Full map – 30+ days

May take months

Closing a contract

As required by the customer



Data format

Open, international, universal, single specification

Format of the internal database, own specification

Closed, internally used format and their own specification

Assistance in data processing, conversion, and integration in a customer’s product

Provided as a part of free-of-charge technical support

Not provided

Paid-basis, provided they have experience and specialists


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