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We create city and country maps.

We sell maps in MapInfo and ArcGIS formats.

We develop turn-key solutions for your business.

We are Transnavicom – a stable and reliable commercial company.

We have over 20 years of experience in map-making with over 1,000,000 clients all around the world.

Top accuracy, relevance, affordability, and using a single digital database of maps of all the countries in the world are the main principles of our operation from the very day of establishment of the company. Today, our team includes thousands of experienced analysts, cartographers, and scientists working for you daily, even in the most remote corners of the Earth.

We are glad to offer digital maps of 257 countries, more than 600,000 cities and towns, and navigation on 58,000,000 km of roads.

Transnavicom is especially proud of being able provide the not only data about world capitals, but also maps of small, developing states and autonomies.

Throughout its history, Transnavicom not only kept pace with the technical progress, but developed a number of technologic inventions in cartography and geospatial data processing.

Transnavicom is an innovative company always employing advanced technologies and cutting edge electronics. During the years of successful work, we acquired valuable experience, developed our own methods, and patented unique inventions.

All of this allows us to create and update the maps of any territories quickly and with maximum accuracy. It is important to note that the speed of data processing is not the only priority, that is why we at Transnavicom do not just rely on computer capacities, but also check and update the maps employing professionals in our offices all around the world. Such an approach lets us consider history and language-related specifics of each particular region.

For a long time, the global map database of Transnavicom was only available to major corporations, government institutions, military agencies, and special services. Transnavicom’s maps were expensive, accurate, and boasting unparallel coverage, while remaining closed and unaffordable for mass users.

In early 2017, the Board of Directors of Transnavicom decided to cut the prices, making the maps affordable to small and medium business.

Transnavicom is a fast–growing company. The maps are constantly improved — we develop and update them, every day extending the coverage and adding new layers of data. We have established effective cooperation and feedback with all data customers and users of end products.

Тел.: +380 44 221-61-20

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