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Today, Transnavicom’s maps are used for many specialist business applications in different areas of world economy. Besides, they have been especially well-applied and popular in the following product fields:

Digital Mapping

RangeWe have created digital maps of 257 countries and over 600 000 cities and towns for you. We daily update and supplement the single database of maps of all the world. For you, we have developed only the best in the category. All the data are up-to-date, clearly structures, licensed, and ready for commercial use.

 POI, 3D-buildings, Business Listings Database, ground relief, building heights, road graph, public transport routes will allow you to significantly enhance the capacity of any service, bringing it to a new level of popularity and quality.

Fleet Management

Effective fleet management is inseparably linked with cost control and client service improvement. Major providers of Fleet Management systems and their users rely on Transnavicom’s maps every day to do the following tasks:

Daily control and tracking of any number of vehicles:
• Vehicle location control. 
Fuel consumption control. 
• Optimization of routes in terms of mileage, time, and other factors.
• Determining the speed and direction of movement.
• Determining the travel time and length of stops.
• Receiving alarms of attacks, traffic jams, and other situations.
• Assistance in determining the shortest route to a destination.
• Forming the most detailed reports on actual travel distance, stops, speed rate, fuel consumption, etc. 
• Forming route sheets with the most detailed information for a driver.
• Analyzing freight traffic routes for a set period of time.
• Maintaining a freight traffic archive for every vehicle.
• Exporting data to any accounting systems.
• Integration with logistical systems.
Vehicle control and safety:
• Managing the regular car alarm system.
• Capability of remote locking of fuel supply, engine, central lock, ignition, etc.
• Capability of control of sensors set up on a vehicle — door, trunk, window opening sensors, etc.
• Control of deviation from the pre-planned route, unauthorized stops, exceeding speed limits.
Control and safety of transported goods:
• Control of temperature of refrigerator compartments used for transportation of perishable foods.
• Control of unauthorized access to transported goods, unsealing containers, etc. 
• Control of any parameters and sensors of a vehicle.


Transnavicom's maps improve the efficiency of operation of manufacturers and distributors, and ensure minimization of costs and losses related to promotion and delivery of goods. We resolve topical issues manufacturers and distributors encounter in the field of logistics, notably improve the performance of manufacturers and ensure their effective growth.

We develop and offer a suite of software for general and specialist applications in the field of distribution. Different components of the suite enable providing the most effective solutions in distribution, optimization, delivery, and accounting.

The solutions allow optimizing route planning, distributor operations, logistics management, delivery of goods, balancing vehicle loads, analyzing performance, among many other things.


Historically, the most demanding customers of Transnavicom, for many years, have been local and national authorities. They rely on our products and our experience in completing a range of tasks:

managing emergencies;

managing emergency vehicles;

control of electoral campaigns and voter turnout;

urban traffic management;

Whatever the level of the agency and scope of the task, Transnavicom always supplies the best data integrated in a ready solution.

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